Farm Holiday, Accommodation, Bed and Breakfast in the Central-West of NSW.

When staying at Dairy Park

Subject to availability, ask us when enquiring.


You can purchase our farm grown Lamb or Beef, Eggs and Honey

We can supply portions of meat for your stay, add to this fresh organic vegetables from Lizzie’s vegetable patch, as well as fresh eggs, and your whole meal can be considered home grown.


























Our grass fed animals are born and raised on the sustainable pastures of Dairy Park in the Central West of NSW. The animals graze on natural pastures and are hormone and antibiotic free with minimal other commercial inputs. Our holistic management approach and time controlled grazing has enabled us to create sustainable healthy pasture land. By allowing pastures to naturally regenerate we avoid the need to use artificial fertilizers or other artificial inputs on our land and have minimal carbon emissions.


Dairy Park meat is naturally healthy, very tasty and is aimed to be produced with carbon neutral methods. With today's environmental concerns, we strive to protect and improve our environment using our animals to improve the biological health of our soils and grasslands.


Why grass fed red meat is an important part of our diet and better for the environment please read this.




Priced at $25.00 per Kg

Corned Beef in plastic bag ready to cook.

Rump Steak.

Topside Steak.

Scotch Fillet Steak.

Blade Steak.

T Bone Steak.


Round Steak.


Chuck Steak


Cuts vary a bit depending on the butcher at the time.



Mince, into approximately1kg bags.

Sausages, into approximately 1kg bags.

Steaks, 500grams to 1kg on a tray.


Beef Pack

Beef is sold in approximately 20kg or 10kg packs and will contain.

At least one packet of Corned Beef, Rump, Gravy Beef, Round, Scotch, Top Side and Chuck Steaks.

A tray of Blade and T-Bone Steaks

Sausages and mince.


The price for a 20kg pack is $400.00


The price for a 10kg pack is $200.00


While staying with us you may purchase individual trays.




1 Lamb pack consists of. A minimum of 14kg @ $200.00

Rolled Shoulders x 2

Legs in Half x 4

Neck Rosettes x 1 packet of 6 chops

Neck Chops x 2 packets of 5 chops

Rib Chops x 2 packets of 7 chops

Loin Chops mostly in packs of 6 sometimes 4-7, about 18 chops all together

Flap x 2


While staying with us you may purchase individual trays.

Priced at $25.00 per Kg



1/2 Lamb pack consists of half the above quantities. A minimum of 7kg @ $100.00




1 Dozen $5.00




1 Kg $15.00




Ask Lizzie to see her range of jams.




Start at $50

Fraser’s garden sculptures.