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Refresh, Regenerate, Reconnect, Reboot at Dairy Park

Imagine the smell of fresh evening air – a delicate mix of sun warmed grass and eucalyptus trees cooling on a soothing breeze dancing up through dales on a gently rolling hillside.

Picture sitting on the veranda with a cold drink in hand and the smell of home grown lamb and beef sizzling on a hot barbecue.

Reminisce as you gaze upon the plate of farm fresh eggs that you collected a few hours earlier and then delicately boiled, peeled and devilled just like your Grandmother used to.

Wonder at the intense colours and explosion of taste in the bowl full of fresh organic vegetables picked straight from the garden.

Freedom, Fun, Food and Fibre

Get in touch with your inner farmer and let your family experience the freedom of a free-range country life. Reconnect with each other, your history and the food and fibre of the land.

Take your memories and an esky full of the best holistic produced meat and fresh produce available home with you. You can purchase farm grown lamb or beef, eggs and honey along with fresh organic vegetables from Lizzie’s vegetable patch.

The grass fed animals are born and raised on the sustainable pastures of Dairy Park and are hormone and antibiotic free with minimal other commercial inputs.

Dairy Park meat is naturally healthy, very tasty and is aimed to be produced with carbon neutral methods while improving the biological health of the soils and grasslands.

Contact Dairy Park for more information and produce sales.

Make Life-Long Memories and Friendships

With horses, working dogs, hens and two pet dogs – there is always an animal at Dairy Park in need of a friendly pat or a bucket of feed. Kangaroos, echidnas, goannas, and emus roam the property as well as a wide variety of bird life.

Yet Again – Another Great Stay

Thank you for yet again – another great stay. Each trip we experience and learn something different. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Collins Family, Ourimbah, Central Coast, NSW.

A Beautiful Place

“Many thanks for a wonderful experience staying at Dairy Park, what a beautiful place! The kids loved feeding the animals and watching the sheep and cattle being rounded up. Thanks for the great conversation about respecting the land and its animals. We would love to return!”

Sheerman and Driscoll Family, Hills District, Sydney NSW.

Awesome Service

“Thanks Liz, Grant, Fraser and Henry for awesome service and stay. You guys are very good host and we had lots of fun. The lunch provided was very nice (dampers) and we enjoyed the extra activities.”

Chelly, Manni, Ashi, Shawn, Neetu, Punny, Riz, Shilloi, Sydney.

Home Away From Home

“What a wonderful stay we’ve had. Thanks so much Liz and Grant for taking the time and having the patience to enhance our 3-year-old’s stay. He loved helping with all the farm chores. The Cabin was a home away from home. Very relaxing and toasty warm. We are certainly going to miss Winky the goat and Ugg the lamb. We will never forget this wonderful experience and hope to be back one day soon!”

Meredith Family, Cairns, QLD.

Hospitality Remains the Same

“Visit #11! Yet another fantastic stay at Dairy Park. We love how some things are a bit different each year, but the hospitality of the Molloy’s remains. Good luck catching the pig!”

Ryan Family, West Pymble, NSW.

8th Visit to Dairy Park

“This is our 8th time here and we had so much fun. Loved the picnic by the creek, the marking of lambs, moving the sheep, feeding the animals. Looking forward to next year.”

Garry Barnes, Sutherland.

Can’t Wait for Next Year

“I love coming here…always something exciting and new things happening. Love feeding the little lamb…she’s so cute. I can’t wait for new adventures next year.”