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Dairy Park

Imparting History, Regeneration, Renewal

Dairy Park is a 1,100ha sheep and cattle farm situated in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, and (approx. 3.5 hours from Sydney) near the town of Mandurama. The farm is home to Grant and Liz Molloy and their family.

Grant is a 5th generation farmer on Dairy Park and the boys are the 6th generation. The property has been in the family since the 1820’s.

The Backstory

Michael Molloy was a convict from Ireland who arrived in Australia in the early 1800’s. After serving his sentence, he took up land at Gallymont and expanded his grazing opportunities.

One of Michael’s sons, Henry, married Frances Grant from a neighbouring property. Frances’ father, James Grant, was a member of the prominent Grant family who had settled in the area in the 1820’s.

The properties were merged, however Henry died in 1899 leaving the care of the property to his oldest son George Molloy (12 years of age at the time) and his brother Myrth. George was Grant’s grandfather.

Custodians for the Regeneration of Farm Lands

Currently Grant and Liz graze sheep and lambs for wool, along with beef cattle breeding. An holistic approach developed by Allan Savory is used to manage the farm and our lives, with the aim of helping to create biodiversity and regeneration of the farm lands.

As a child, Grant could see the degradation of the current agricultural practices and realised that this needed to change. Consequently, Grant researched alternative ways to become more sustainable.

He was introduced to Alan Savory’s work from Zimbabwe on regenerative agriculture in the early 1990’s. After studying the processes, a changed was made to regenerative grazing in 1997. This led to healthier livestock, more soil humus, less weeds, greater water retention and greater profit.

Sharing Farm Life and Cultural Diversity

When Grant and Liz found themselves with spare accommodation on the farm, they decided it was a great opportunity to share their farm life and an ideal experience for their family to gain some ongoing cultural diversity.

Meeting new people from all over the world, making friendships with visitors who return year after year, and sharing their lifestyle with people from all walks of life – is their ultimate reward.

Yet Again – Another Great Stay

Thank you for yet again – another great stay. Each trip we experience and learn something different. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Collins Family, Ourimbah, Central Coast, NSW.

A Beautiful Place

“Many thanks for a wonderful experience staying at Dairy Park, what a beautiful place! The kids loved feeding the animals and watching the sheep and cattle being rounded up. Thanks for the great conversation about respecting the land and its animals. We would love to return!”

Sheerman and Driscoll Family, Hills District, Sydney NSW.

Awesome Service

“Thanks Liz, Grant, Fraser and Henry for awesome service and stay. You guys are very good host and we had lots of fun. The lunch provided was very nice (dampers) and we enjoyed the extra activities.”

Chelly, Manni, Ashi, Shawn, Neetu, Punny, Riz, Shilloi, Sydney.

Home Away From Home

“What a wonderful stay we’ve had. Thanks so much Liz and Grant for taking the time and having the patience to enhance our 3-year-old’s stay. He loved helping with all the farm chores. The Cabin was a home away from home. Very relaxing and toasty warm. We are certainly going to miss Winky the goat and Ugg the lamb. We will never forget this wonderful experience and hope to be back one day soon!”

Meredith Family, Cairns, QLD.

Hospitality Remains the Same

“Visit #11! Yet another fantastic stay at Dairy Park. We love how some things are a bit different each year, but the hospitality of the Molloy’s remains. Good luck catching the pig!”

Ryan Family, West Pymble, NSW.

8th Visit to Dairy Park

“This is our 8th time here and we had so much fun. Loved the picnic by the creek, the marking of lambs, moving the sheep, feeding the animals. Looking forward to next year.”

Garry Barnes, Sutherland.

Can’t Wait for Next Year

“I love coming here…always something exciting and new things happening. Love feeding the little lamb…she’s so cute. I can’t wait for new adventures next year.”